DSC_0163When they entered Mercaz Kopin for the first time, Kochavim said a special shehechiyanu to celebrate this first time together (and probably only time until they come back on staff!) in the lounge. After kicking off their shoes and socks, Kochavim boys walked, eyes wide-open, through the Staff Lounge. Camper Josh G. of Cabin 1A won this special access as a prize at Friday’s July 4th Carnival, and his cabin got to enjoy the building together for an hour. They ate tasty snacks, relaxed in the comfortable chairs, and felt pretty special! DSC_0161

Once they’d played a little Foosball and explored the building, Cabin 1A sat down in the movie room to watch Fantastic Mr. Fox. It was a great evening—the kind of special adventure that camp memories are made of!