DSC_0065Nivonim 2006 alum Daniel Kanter is back for his sixth summer on staff and first summer as Rosh Ropes. A counselor for four summers and former Rosh Solelim (2012), Daniel has a longtime relationship with camp. Since graduating from Indiana University in 2013, Daniel has been working at Chicago Jewish Funerals—situated in his hometown of Skokie, Illinois. He took the summer to come back to camp before really diving headfirst into his chosen career path. Daniel is enjoying working on the ropes course, helping with team-building and bolstering communities within camper cabins. What are you most excited for on staff this summer?

I’m excited to meet all of the new campers on the ropes course, and just have fun being at camp.

DSC00009What do you see as your role as Rosh Ropes?

I see my role as someone who values safety and fun above all else. I also see my role as someone who utilizes those aspects—safety and fun—to facilitate an environment where kids can learn how to be the best cabin they can be and learn to work as a team.

Why did you decide to come back to camp?

My work can be quite serious and I wanted to take a summer to enjoy what I consider to be the most important place on Earth.

DSC00035What do you do when you’re not at camp?

I work at Chicago Jewish Funerals and it’s really intense at times, but extremely rewarding—which is similar to my experiences as a staff member at camp. I do everything from driving a limousine to administrative work to working with the Illinois Vital Records System. I’m planning to go to mortuary school to further my goals to be a funeral director.

What is the best part of your job at camp?

I enjoy helping kids overcome obstacles and fears, and making them realize they can do anything they set their mind to. I also love climbing everyday on 50-foot poles!

What is your favorite place in camp?

The Machon Point is my favorite place. It’s the most peaceful place in camp—you can just gaze out on the beautiful lake.  The Point brings back so many memories from one of my favorite summers at camp.

DSC00020Do you have a favorite summer at camp?

Shoafim was my first summer and my favorite summer, because it exceeded all expectations. We had an Extreme Volleyball Team—which is two-on-two volleyball that mixes the hockey penalty box with volleyball—and I loved it.

Share one memory from your time at camp.

In Bogrim we went out of camp to a ropes course near Rhinelander that’s similar to the one we now have at camp. We did a lot of elements we have now—the log and the spider web, and it took about three hours for us to finish each one. That trip really shaped the way I run my ropes course, because I don’t let groups off of the course until they complete the element. I want to ensure that they learn the intended effect, which means working together and supporting each other.