DSC_0278After a day of rehearsal and readying themselves to play the young, orphaned newspaper boys of 1890’s New York, Bogrim shined in Kenny Ortega’s Newsies. With five all-choral numbers, along with a handful of solos and smaller group songs, Bogrim truly showed all of camp how impressive they are. Newsies is a show known for its dancing, and our campers really showcased their rhythmic abilities in the outstanding choreography for chorus songs, as well as some incredible dance solos. Last night before their show, Rosh Aidah Maya Zinkow gathered the aidah to pump everyone up before the big night. They began their Newsies journey the very first day of camp with auditions, and have been preparing for the night ever since. For the second time in camp history, “Newsies” was performed for all of camp to see–and they truly were the kings of the Bet Am last night. They seized the day and showed camp the talent and energy they possess.

Click the videos below to see the musical highlights!