DSC_8150Last night Machon got to both present and see the projects their aidah has been working on so diligently for the past month. So much time, effort, and energy has gone into their intensive projects, and the final results definitely showed that hard work. Every summer Machon splits up into groups for the first half of the summer, working on projects in different specialty areas—the intensives. This year there were a number of unique opportunities, everything from omanut (art) to teva (nature).

Some campers had a machnaut (camping) intensive, and they developed survival skills. They showed their friends how they’ve learned to read a compass, tie a knot, and they  showed off the wooden ladder they made.  This week they’ll get to use their new skills on a special camping trip. Working so closely together for this long, the group has really created a great team dynamic.


Campers in the nagarut (woodworking) intensive decided to create something that would benefit the entire camp: a new candlelighting table for Kabbalat Shabbat.  We’ll begin using the beautiful new table this Friday night.

Walking around in the lake, Machon campers in the teva intensive tested the ph levels of Lake Buckatabon, and gave an extensive research presentation at the Intensive Fair.

In omanut, campers made a beautiful mosaic with mirrors. It incorporated the theme of their summer, “zeh hayom asah machon nagilah v’nismacha voh,” “This is the day Machon made, let us celebrate and rejoice in it.”  Last night Machon campers celebrated their accomplishments and really came together as an aidah through their creative and impressive efforts.