DSC_4618It is hard to actually put camp’s beauty into words. Only on Lake Buckatabon can it pour in the morning, fall to 50 degrees and be overcast at lunch, rise to 80 degrees and have the sun shining in the afternoon, and have the most vibrant sunset that same night. DSC_4620

As a staff member and a former camper (Nivo 2008), I’ve enjoyed so many sunsets at camp. Sitting on the side of lake watching the sunset last night, I couldn’t help but think about all of the sunsets I remember from my time at camp: the sunset over Mirpeset Omanut/Nagarut (the art and woodworking porch) near the end of my Nivonim talent show dance; the sun setting in Solelim when we had our “pool party” next to the lake; the sky glowing alongside the fire-lit “Ramah” letters that kick off Yom Sport (color war) when I was in Bogrim. Each sunset is different, with shades of orange or purple, enhanced by clouds or glowing brightly. But each one is something every single camper shares and, as you can see from these photos, is an unforgettable part of Ramah.