IMG_8571With swim caps on, campers and staff members gathered at the agam (waterfront) yesterday afternoon for the first Island Swim of the summer. Next to the boating shed, swimmers stood waiting as speedboats shuttled back and forth from the island before the swim. Participants could choose to either swim from the island back to camp, or to swim both ways. Agam staff paddled alongside swimmers, watching as the race to the finish line ensued. IMG_8563

A total of 58 people participated in the Island Swim, nearly half of whom swam round trip—from camp to the island and back. The first three to finish actually swam round trip! Kol HaKavod to Bogrim camper camper Sarah F., and sisters Heidi B. (Kochavim counselor) and Mira B. (Nivonim) who were the first to complete the swim. This is only the first Island Swim of the summer, and campers and staff will be able to participate in other swimming opportunities all summer long.