Amidst rain and shine, agam staff has been cleaning up the edge of the lake, life vests, and boats. They’ve situated the blob, lane lines, and docks in the lake. All of this comes alongside hours of in- and out-of-water lifeguard preparation to ensure the safety of our chanichim (campers), who will be developing and improving their swimming abilities over the course of the next two, four, or eight weeks. agam staff weekLeah Segal leads our staff this summer, with the help of our summer swim consultant, Hannah Kreindler (veteran Rosh Agam). Leah and Hannah have been working this week not only to facilitate agam safety procedures, but also to start thinking of innovative ways to help our campers learn integral swimming skills. The curriculum this summer draws from successes in past summers and will be introducing new and inventive ways to get campers interested in swimming in our beautiful and tranquil lake!

For the third summer in a row, agam staff is excited to be having the Camp Ramah triathlon. Single campers or groups of three compete in our swimming, boating, and running race. The title is as coveted as the first swimmer to reach the finish line of our polar bear swim or island swim and the first boat to reach camp from our annual Bauer’s boating race—where campers race in boats from Bauer’s Resort back to camp, a distance of between 2-3 miles!

agam staff weekEach aidah has different types of swimming classes, and this summer there will be an increased focus on lessons and skill development for all our chanichim. For our older campers, there will be exciting opportunities for more diverse water classes. As always, Bogrim will have their synchronized swimming performance toward the end of the summer and Machon will have swimming electives—which include lifeguard training, water aerobics, polo, synchronized swimming, Tikvah swim chavers, and much much more.

There’s a lot to look forward to on the agam this summer and Leah Segal is most excited about creating a safe environment for campers to increase their comfort in the water, to continue developing swimming and boating skills, and to enjoy everything Lake Buckatabon has to offer. Her 11-person staff is working tirelessly this week to prepare for the chanichim to finally arrive, and they can’t wait to get the summer started!