While Solelim campers have always  been involved in leading their own tefillot (prayer services), this summer the campers expressed an interest in giving Divrei Torah (commentary on the Torah reading) as well! Zachary G. volunteered to give the first Solelim D’var Torah of the summer, and spoke this week about Parshat Hukkat and how Solelim can learn from God’s actions in the portion. DSC_4085

Zachary explained to the room that a Hukkah is a law that must be obeyed, even though no reason may given as to why the law was created. This is the parsha where God tells Moses to ask the rock for water, but he strikes the rock two times instead—which leads to Moses’ punishment of not being able to reach the Promised Land. In this same portion, God also sends snakes to bite those Israelites who complain about a lack of food and water.

Zachary explained to his aidah that while it seems like God’s actions are unreasonable, “Maybe God wasn’t being unreasonable at all? HE won their battles, HE bore them from Egypt, HE fed them through the desert, HE split the sea.” God may have punished the Israelites for losing faith in him, sending the snakes to remind and make Israel realize that God is powerful. What Zachary left his aidah that what is considered reasonable by one person may be considered unreasonable by another. “What I want to leave you with is that NOBODY, not even God, is above being unreasonable. And we should all try being more flexible and agreeable this week as we head into Shabbat.”

Inspired by Zachary, other Solelim campers have volunteered to share Divrei Torah this summer, working alone and in groups. Rosh Aidah Aviva Schwartz, the Solelim counselors, and the entire aidah look forward to learning from each other all summer long.