IMG_8647 (1) Wednesday was the first Yom Meyuchad (Every Wednesday is a special programming day). Shoafim spent their day learning about the history of Ramah in Wisconsin with “Yom CSI.” A number of historical figures in Ramah’s history played a central role in the day. Shoafim started the day by finding out that one of those figures had stolen the Himnon Ramah (our camp song, sung at every camp-wide event). The counselors, dressed as the historical pillars of Ramah Wisconsin, were the suspects.

In the morning, Shoafim had a scavenger hunt to learn about the different Ramah figures. Those figures ranged from Hadley Larson, the women who owned this land before Ramah was here, to Lou Winer, a visionary leader and camp “chairman,” to Al Kopin, another leader in Ramah’s history (and Rosh Shoafim Brett Kopin’s grandfather!). As the day progressed, campers “interrogated” the historical figures, ie. counselors, to try to figure out who had stolen the Himnon Ramah. In the process, they learned a great deal about camp’s history and the values that have stayed central to Ramah’s mission. At the end of the day, Hadley Larson was found, with the Himnon Ramah sign in her possession. It was an exciting day of discovering the history of our beautiful camp!