DSC_4847Now that the camp season is up in full swing, Nagarut is too! Each aidah (division) has their own project, either as individuals or as groups. Campers learn how to properly cut wood, how to use machines like electric drills, and how to conceptualize and then create their very own pieces of art. Today, two Shoafim (entering 8th grade) campers worked on their own chairs. They drew out, measured, and began to cut the wood, which they will use to nail their chairs together. The Nivonim (entering 11th grade) currently have their internships in the various anafim (specialty areas). The campers currently interning in Nagarut are working on two different projects. One of the projects will be for the waterfront and the other is constructing a new cornhole (bean bag toss) for the Givah (Nivo hill).

Machon (entering 1oth grade), who began their intensives at the end of last week, decided what they will be working on this machzor (half of the summer). They came up with their own project: making a new table for the Shabbat candles we light every Friday night before Kabbalat Shabbat. Not wanting to do something just for their aidah, they decided that something new that would benefit the entire camp would be even more meaningful. They will spend this next month focusing their energy on making this new table really great.