2023 Season

A Magical Summer

We’ve got the recipe for a magical summer!

Campers splashing in Lake Buckatabon. The entire camp gathered for Shabbat services as the sun sets in the Northwoods. Lots of singing and dancing. And even more laughter. These were the joyous sights and sounds of summer at Camp Ramah in Wisconsin in 1947 and again in 2023 – and all the summers in between.  It’s the magic that happens when you mix a phenomenal staff and a magnificent setting with hundreds of kids emboldened to live their best lives. For 76 summers we’ve done exactly that, helping countless campers make connections—to each other, to nature, and to their Jewish identities—that last a lifetime. Because nothing makes us happier than making Camp Ramah in Wisconsin and Ramah Day Camp every camper’s happy place.

As we embrace the joyful present and look to the future, the support of the whole community is tremendously important as together we continue the visionary work of Ramah’s founders, helping create a transformative community that builds Jewish lives and Jewish leaders.

Creating a diverse and welcoming community

With 60 mishlachat staff from Israel at our camps, 10 campers from the NOAM youth movement in Israel, and staff members representing the Jewish communities of Uruguay, South Africa, and Uganda, our camp community fosters connection, inclusion, growth, and joy in the beautiful Northwoods and across the globe.

Our goal is to build a warm and welcoming community rooted in Jewish values, a goal we are constantly working to improve so that each person feels like a part of the whole.  We encourage the confidence, independence, skill development and identity development of our campers and staff, accompanying them on their own personal journeys of exploration.

Some members of our community are supported through our Shiluv program, which provides opportunities for campers with various types of challenges and disabilities to live in cabins with their peers.  Ten high school graduates participated in the Atzmayim vocational training program, working at job sites and learning independent living skills with the support of our staff and job coaches.

The Derech Eretz and Mensch Awards recognize campers and staff who raise the profile of kindness, respect and warmth in camp and all-around mensch-like behavior.

Campers and staff feel like Ramah is their second home – a place where they have fun, learn new skills, gain independence, and build lasting friendships.

Creating a joyfully Jewish environment

Our talented staff uses music, yoga, drama, art, and games to creatively engage campers in meaningful prayer and Jewish learning.  Friday night is a favorite time of the week for so many.  As the sun begins to set and the melodies of Shabbat fill the air, campers feel a sense of peace and a deep connection to their friends, to their community.  Campwide Havdalah has become a new highlight of the week.

“We want to thank the camp staff and particularly our son’s counselors because we think what you are doing is very important. You are keeping Jewish traditions alive for our son and making them fun and part of his daily life. We can’t think of anything more valuable and more important. And you should feel proud of your commitment to our people. There is no doubt in our minds that our son will remember details from this summer for the rest of his life.”
-Note from camper parents

This summer, we welcomed 60 talented staff from Israel!  Our mishlachat infused Tarbut Yisrael (Israeli culture) in all aspects of camp, from drama and swimming, biking and ropes course, to radio, the ninja obstacle course, tefillah and sports, while also serving as counselors and educators.

Tarbut Yisrael is woven into the very fabric of this camp and it happens when our campers listen to Israeli music on the camp radio station, when they play sports, bake Israeli recipes in the mitbachon teaching kitchen, or perform in the eidah plays.

“Tarbut Yisrael aims to holistically infuse Hebrew and Israeli culture into the entire camp experience so that our campers learn by association and gain knowledge about Israel, values, and experiences that are positively associated with Israel.”
-Shalom Orzach, Director of Tarbut Yisrael

Learning new skills, building confidence and gaining independence

Campers loved the new sports courts, playgrounds, biking, and tubing!

… and enjoyed more activity choices than ever before!

We welcomed talented artists, coaches, musicians, and educators to enhance the camp experience

The staff had fun too!  Check out the new staff gym and coffee bar!

We’re ready for more and counting down to summer 2024!

Camp Ramah is a very special place: I get to be around amazing people, get closer to Judaism, have fun Shabbats, perform on stage, go swimming in the lake, making cool things in woodworking, go on camping trips with special nights of camp songs around the fire, and bonding with and sharing a cabin with 12 other girls!

Ramah Day Camp and Ramah Wisconsin have been exceptional experiences for our daughter. Camp is her happy place. Each summer, she continues to grow both in her independence and her love for Judaism. She has a strong connection to her Ramah community even during the school year when she isn’t surrounded by her camp friends. To quote our camper “Ramah…you can always find a friend there.”

We live in an area that doesn’t have a large Jewish community- Ramah has given us that community and provided my children with rich, rewarding, and fun summers. Our kids love learning Hebrew words and songs, swimming, art, sports, nature, and all the extra special experiences.

Sending our son to Ramah Day Camp this past summer was one of the best decisions we have made!  He quickly made new friends, seemed to get over his fear of swimming, and increased his confidence by participating in the talent show.  We enjoyed hearing stories about what he did at camp and his excitement to return each day was evident when he would inquire about if it was a theme day or not.  It meant so much to us that he continued to connect with his Jewish roots whether through new Hebrew songs and prayers he sang at home or making challah for Shabbat with the dough that was sent home.  Thank you, Ramah Day Camp, for an amazing summer and we are so grateful to the Ramah Scholarship Fund for helping us send him to camp!

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