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Visiting Kochavim, Garinim and Halutzim Campers


Visiting Kochavim (entering 4th grade) Campers

If you would like to tour the camp, you are invited to drop off your child on the first day of the session or pick up your child on the last day of the session. Please contact us at to schedule your tour.

Visitors' Days for Garinim and Halutzim

We welcome you to visit on these days to see camp in action, tour our top-notch facilities and meet with the people who have been caring for your children.  We know there will be many families who do not visit on the designated visitors' days for shorter sessions.  Campers who do not have a visitor that day will participate in special activities led by their counselors.

Garinim (entering 5th grade) -- June 30, 2019

Halutzim (entering 6th grade) -- July 28, 2019

Visitors Days for Garinim and Halutzim will be on the third Sunday of each session--June 30 for Garinim and July 28 for Halutzim.  The program will begin with lunch at 1:00 and end after dinner at 8:00 pm. A full schedule will be available closer to the summer. There will be special programming for campers whose families do not visit on these days. Current families will be emailed the registration form in the spring.

Official Camp Visitors Days -- July 14-15

Halutzim campers will be out of camp on Sunday, July 14, on a special field trip and will be in camp on Monday, July 15.  If you will be visiting an older sibling on July 14 and would like your Halutzim camper to remain in camp, please send an email to

Additional Info

We understand that scheduling can be a challenge, especially when you have children who will be at camp at different times. If the specified Visitors Days don't work for your family, you are welcome to visit camp at other times during your child's session, either as a day visitor or overnight visitor.

If you are unable to visit this summer, plentiful letters from home are the next best thing.  If you have questions about visiting camp, feel free to contact Robin Rubenstein, our Parent Liaison and Visitor Coordinator at