Michael Siegel

Ramah Memories

Years at Ramah: 1993-1998, 2000-2001
From the 60th reunion celebration book – 2007

Fondest Memories: Meeting all of my good friends as a camper and meeting my wife as a staff member.

I am a Ramahnik because: Every June I yearn to be in the Northwoods as a camper or staff member again.

My Favorite place: I think the favorite place changed each summer I was there. Bogrim: Basketball courts and Radio Shack; Machon: Waterfront; Nivonim: The cabins. Staff: the staff building, the trails, the bog, the Machnaut shed and the softball field on Shabbat.

What Camp Means to Me: There is no way to describe what Camp Ramah means to me. Without it, I would not have made so many close friends, met my wife or had our first child. I hope my son can gain the same joy out of the Ramah experience that I received.

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