Alumni Video

On the one hand, Camp Ramah in Wisconsin today is exactly the same as any alum remembers – the kikar, the sunsets, Kabbalat Shabbat by the lake, and of course the fun and the friendships.

On the other hand, there is much that is new.  We now offer a variety of programs for younger campers and the site has been completely renovated.  Between 2000-2009, over $10 million was invested in facilities, and our campers now enjoy a high ropes course, new camp sites, and an amazing new kitchen and dining hall featuring a diverse, healthy menu.  We’ve also built new cabins, expanded the Bet Am and renovated sports courts with night lighting.

Check out this fabulous new video – with classic Ramah footage from the ‘80’s and ‘90’s – and find out all about today’s Camp Ramah in Wisconsin experience!

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"No Smoking"

Circa 1956-1957: Staff members Mark Elovitz, Phil Spector and Gerry Rosenberg, singing “No Smoking” on banquet night in the Chadar Ochel Machaneh (built in 1952). Note the “No Smoking” sign on the wall, which was the inspiration for the song. Mark, Phil and Gerry all became rabbis.

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Louis Winer

Louis Winer (1904-1994), was a giant among leaders of Conservative Judaism.  Possessed with unshakable vision and confidence, he helped found Camp Ramah and served as its president for 10 years.  He shared memories of Ramah’s early years in his memoir entitled My First 89 Years.

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