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The Camp Ramah in Wisconsin Endowment Corporation is comprised of over 50 funds permanently invested to provide income for continued support of the camp. Each year an allocation is made from the Endowment Corporation to fund Ramah’s innovative programs. 

These endowments have been established to provide support for specific educational projects, for scholarships and for the development of new programs without the necessity of increasing tuition levels.

Program Endowments

The Marty Abramson/Howie Stillman Memorial Endowment for a Coach or Artist-in-Residence
The Bach Family Counselor Endowment
The Rebecca Benson Cultural Arts Endowment
The David B. and Sophia M. Berger Israel Scholar-In-Residence Endowment Fund
The Belle R. and Joseph H. Braun Endowment
The Frank and Ann Cohen Endowment for the Arts
The Nathan Cummings Foundation Endowment for the Arts
The Eiger/Stecher Family Endowment
The Ernsteen Family Scholarship Endowment
The Shel Feldman Endowment for Camper Education in Energy Conservation and Environmental Studies
The Bess and Albert Gold Staff Programming Endowment
The Flo Harris Foundation Mishlachat Program Endowment
The Morry & Florence Hirshman and Jay Hirshman Professor-in-Residence Endowment
The Mercaz Kopin Maintenance Endowment
The Asaf Leibovich Memorial Leadership Program Endowment
The Anne L. Morrison Memorial Endowment for Israeli Studies
The William R. Nelson Memorial Athletic Fund
The Michael and Charlotte Newberger Endowment for the Arts
The Sustaining Fund for Ohel Yitzhak
The Jane and Nathan Pickus Scholar-in-Residence Endowment
The Roselind and Sheldon Rabinowitz Family Fund
The Vivian E. and Robert W. Rice Hebrew Language Program Endowment
The Naomi and Max Rotenberg Jewish Music Programming Endowment
The Aviva and David Rubin and Family Staff Endowment
The Michael Salkin Memorial Waterfront Endowment Fund
The Sherman Family Music Festival Endowment
The Margaret and Alan Silberman Endowment for Project Development
The Rabbi Efry Spectre Memorial Fund for Performing Arts
The Otto and Phyllis Hofman Waldmann Mishlachat Program Endowment
The Sandra and Leon Weiner Seminar Endowment in Jewish Communal Leadership Studies
The Pauline and Bert Weinstein Arts and Crafts Center Endowment

Educational Support Endowments

The Marlene Ansel Memorial Tefilah Resource Collection Fund
The Ted and Sonia Bloch Scholarship Endowment
The Rabbi David and Ruth Bonder Ohel Yitzhak Publications Endowment
The Chaim Foundation Scholarship Endowment
The David Crook Scholarship Endowment
The Arthur S. and Rochelle S. Elstein Educational Endowment
The Richard and Beverly Fink Scholarship Endowment
The S.W. Frankenthal Educational Chair
The Scott M. Gilman Counselor Endowment Fund
The Judy Goldberg Memorial Ramah Israel Seminar Scholarship Endowment
The Saul and Esther Kleiman Scholarship Endowment Fund
The Diana Lederman Memorial Endowment for Jewish Education
The Joseph M. Levine Memorial Scholarship Endowment
The Renee K. and George M. Levine Scholarship Fund
The Rabbi Joseph Sander Lukinsky Memorial Staff Education Endowment
The Nivonim 1979 Scholarship Fund
The Nivonim 1980 Scholarship Fund
The Nivonim 1996 Scholarship Fund
The Debby Porten Memorial Staff Training Endowment
The Seth Conrad Rich Memorial Scholarship Endowment
The Irving and Janet Robbin Curriculum Development Endowment Fund
The Irving Robbin Memorial Study Fellowship Endowment
The Dr. Irving H. and Betty F. Rozenfeld & Family Israel Seminar Scholarship Endowment
The Harry and Constance Silverstein Memorial Endowment Fund
The Rabbi David and Emily Soloff Educational Endowment Fund
The Sylvia Steinberg Memorial Scholarship Endowment
The Sara Stern Scholarship Endowment
The Tsrif Daled and Friends Scholarship Fund
The Bert B. Weinstein Memorial Scholarship Fund
The Zimbler Family Scholarship Endowment

Tikvah Program Endowments

The Grossman Foundation
The Lieberman Family Counselor Endowment
The Phillips Foundation
The Ephraim Roseman Foundation

Camp Ramah in Wisconsin is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Your gift is tax deductible to the full extent provided by law.

For more information, contact:
Linda Hoffenberg, Director of Institutional Advancement, or 312-690-8325
Sam Caplan, Chief Development Officer, or 312-690-8332