Where are you originally from, and when were you in camp?

I'm originally form Chicago (Wheeling). I started at camp in 2007 when I was in Shoafim and ended as a camper in Nivonim 2010. I was on staff for two summers - 2012 (JC- cabin counselor) and 2013 (SC- cabin counselor). 


What did you love most about camp as a camper, and what about as a staff member?

Camp is a very special place both as a camper and as a staff member. I've met some of my closest friends at camp and created some of my favorite memories in both capacities. 

At the root of it for the same reason, when you go to camp every summer, anything that is going on at home or outside of our little community just stops. You're able to be at camp and enjoy every moment, not thinking about anything else except having fun with your closest friends. Obviously as a camper and as a staff member, you're at different stages of life. So as a camper, it's the pure joy of being with your friends, enjoying everything that camp has to offer and just being a kid. As a staff member, you're there to give other kids the experiences you had when you were a camper, while also figuring out what life looks like as you begin college or whatever stage of life you're in. 


Where did you go to school, what did you study, and what do you do now?

I went to Bradley University in Peoria, IL and graduated with a Sports Communication degree. I'm currently living in Minneapolis working with Minnesota Timberwolves and Lynx as the Basketball Communications Manager. I'm mainly working on the Lynx side, serving as the main contact for all local and national media for the team. This past summer was a particularly exciting one as the Lynx won the WNBA championship for the fourth time in seven years.


How do your experiences at camp impact what you do now?

Camp taught me how to be a real person and how to treat people, so I'd say my experiences impact me all the time. Some of my favorite moments growing up happened at camp and really shaped who I am today. Whether that be learning a new skill one summer, creating a new friendship with someone in my cabin/another aidah or whatever it may have been, you would come home every summer more mature and be better for your experiences. 


How do you “live” your Judaism, and what did Ramah do to impact your Jewish life?

Besides the going to shul, celebrating holidays and Shabbat, etc., a big component of living "Judaism" is treating people with respect and caring for others. Whether that be in the workplace, family life, friends or whatever it may be, those values that I learned at camp have always stayed with me. 


Please share with us anything else about yourself that you think other Ramah Alumni would like to know about you.

One of my best accomplishments at camp was being part of the 2010 camper Ligot (Ligat Ha'al) championship team (we were team yarok and we were unstoppable). 

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